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1.866.624.6868 toll free in North America

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Online think~plan~organize~execute@magnumpm.com   toll free  1.866.624.6868 a qualified project management proffesional will assist you and in the level of project management you desire. Call or email for details.

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1. What does a Project Manager do?

Whatever you want him to. We will meet to discuss what it is that you want to achieve. Once this "brief" is set, then its up to the Project Manager to deliver.

You are not out of the picture of course as it always remains your project but the Project Manger will take as much of the strain of the project as you want.

For example, once we understand your requirements we will search out suitable people to carry out the work. We will organise prices and recommend who to appoint; we will phase the work so the right people are on site at the right time with the right information; we will check their progress and only recommend that they are paid what they have earned; we will keep you up to speed with progress and cost and tell you of any decisions that need to be made and by when; finally we will also conduct appraisals of our service so that we can be sure to understand if there is anything we could improve on.

2. Why use a Project Manager?

To get a better service. A project manager is a common occurrence on a commercial building site and for a reason. They are there specifically to oversee the progress of the project, ensuring that the right information is with the right people at the right time to get the project built to time, cost and quality standards. The same is true for your project.

Builders no longer have all the trades in house (for example, very few now have their own registered plumbers). If you employ a builder to carry out all the aspects of a building project he will subcontract a large portion of the work. This is a good way to loose control of quality, cost and time.

On the other hand often an architect takes the role of project manager on a domestic project. Architects are highly skilled and very important in the building process but Project Management is a very different animal to the design process and needs a different set of skills.

3. Where does a Project Manager fit in?

A project manager can sit above the architect/designer in which case they can have some control over the prompt production of information (Project Management), or they can sit alongside the designer/architect encouraging them to produce suitable information for the builders (Contract Administration). Either way the Project Manager is there to encourage, hound, chivvy, praise and patrol as appropriate all parties to he project in order to get it done.

4. Project Management or Project Coordination?

Contract Administration is where we primarily look after the builders. Maybe you already have a design or maybe there is not much requirement for architectural drawings. Whatever the reason, we will control the work on site, its progress, quality and cost. Additionally we can oversee the selection of contractors, the definition of your brief, the resolution of any missing design details and so on.

The advantage of Project Management, in our opinion, is that here we also look after the design phase of your project. Why is this an advantage? Because it helps to get the drawings out on time. That in turn means that the work on site can start on time. We will coordinate the relevant professionals, be it Architect, Surveyor, Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical designer to keep your project moving through the design phase as fast as possible.

5. How does the service work?

If you like the look of our service then we would arrange to meet and discuss your requirements. As well as a great deal of listening we would give some advice during this meeting as to how the project could be undertaken and what we could offer.

If this were of interest we would then produce a report summarising the meeting, describing your brief and outlining the steps to achieving it. The cost for this report will be based on an hourly rate. If the report is acceptable and you would like us to undertake the management of your project then we would start at once and the fee for the report would be deducted from our project fee.

6. What does 'Domestic' mean?

"Domestic" means any project that you are going to live in. If you are planning on selling the property straight on or if you are considering using the building in other ways then please take a look at our commercial service.

Construction Management


In today's construction industry, life is complex and challenging. Delays, accidents, and disputes are costing more than ever while owners don't have the expertise or staff to stay on top. Success demands collaboration. and leadership! Magnum Project Management can provide the construction management that your project needs. With top-notch leadership, excellence in planning, and professionally trained staff, Magnum offers all that your construction project demands.

Construction management is a professional service that applies effective management technique to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion from for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. Designed specifically to promote the successful of capital projects for owners, construction management is a discipline and management system. These projects can be highly complex. Few owners have the staff resources necessary to pay close, continuing attention to every detail of a project, even when it is these details that can make or break a project. A professional construction manager, such as Magnum Project Management, can augment the owner's existing resources with pre-planning, design, construction, engineering, and management expertise that can assure the best possible project outcome insignificant of the project delivery method used.

Quality Construction Management guarantees
that projects run smoothly and stay organized.

Hiring Magnum Project Management to handle your construction project will speed up project completion, avoid unneeded disputes about claims, and save money due to careful budget planning and supervising. Because of careful management, the finished product will have spectacular quality and the construction process will be more closely maintained. Project safety can be thoroughly monitored by having a construction manager on site. Overall, the Construction Manager works to the owners benefit by reducing costs, improving safety, staying on time, and paying close attention to the quality of work and product. The truth is, dollars run away without a construction manager who can take care of the finances with trades, materials, bonding, and owner profits.

It's Magnum Project Management's duty to carry forth jobs with all values and ethics that they hold important. Magnum promises uncompromised client service with integrity and profession. They will do all in their power to resolve conflicts of interest and deal with disagreements in a professional manner. An honest company, Magnum's qualifications are accurate and they believe in fair compensation and competition in business. They value the privacy of their clients while being honest and forthright with the public. It is Magnum's trademark to be an environmentally conscious company that will not compromise environmental standards for money or shortcuts.

Magnum believes that in order for a project to run smoothly, the owner needs to be actively involved in the process. Magnum promises to keep the owner involved in pre-construction planning and has a continued commitment through project delivery and commissioning. We will provide responsive leadership and collaboration throughout- what we believe is the new imperative for today's complex construction projects and programs. Through collaboration and teamwork, everyone is on an equal level during the project. We believe that through leadership we can provide a work environment that is comfortable and non-hierarchal. We understand that owners do n
ot want a construction manager "star"- they want leadership. That is what we provide at Magnum Project Management.

Magnum Project Management has experience in all phases of construction management and specializes in the following services. If you are looking for a service that is not listed, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Preconstruction Consulting
  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Consulting
  • Design / Build
  • Design / Build / Finance
  • Program Management
  • Cost Segregation Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Green Energy


  • A TEAM including design pro, construction contracting entity, and qualified trade subcontractors.

  • Working together ... sharing respect, knowledge, information and capabilities.

  • Communication, recognition, acceptance of each team member's role.

What Clients are saying about Construction Management  January 2006

Waynesboro USA

by Meryl Conant

Waynesboro's Kate Collin's Middle School project is rolling forward with six of its seven components having solid bids on the table. But, the job of general contractor is still up for grabs.

The school system is using the construction management approach. That means while there is one project manager, the school system has separate contracts with the roofing contractors, electrical contractors and so on. Typically, owners hire a general contractor to put all those separate pieces in the puzzle.

"The construction manager is our agent, while the general contractor is not," explained school superintendent Lowell Lemons. "So, we just think we have better control of the project in terms of quality, schedule and budget, all those things."

But a Valley general contractor said it means a lot of hands stirring the pot.

"There is frankly a lot of things to go awry on the project when you have that sort of complexity of the contracts," said Brad Nichols, president of Mathers Construction.

He predicted that's why the general contracting package, meaning the less specific left-over work such as masonry, did not get a bid.

And Nichols said breaking down the pieces isn't worth it.

"In my professional opinion, I don't believe in the end when it is all said and done that there is a net savings."

Lemons concedes that, but says they'll get more bang for their buck.

"I believe the public expects the kind of attention we pay to this project," he explained. "I think construction management is the highest level of responsibility an owner, a school board, can demonstrate in terms of being a good manger of public funds and public project."

The general package will go out to bid again, and the school plans to take a look at them in later January.


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